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    13 August 2014

    Security, Planning & Boundary Laws…

    Garden fence panels create a boundary between your home and your neighbour’s home. As well as creating a boundary garden fencing also helps keep your garden safe, secure and private. For many of us security and privacy are very important so choosing the right fencing is of the up most importance. Laws & Planning Permission... Read more

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    25 June 2014

    Fence Supermarket Terms Explained

        Pressure Treated – fence panels which are made from treated timber. The timber is placed in a vacuum; high quality preservatives are forced deep into the timbers grain. This protects the wood from rot and means the fence panels don’t need to be painted or treated. Dip Treated – the wood used to... Read more

  • fence-faqs
    16 June 2014

    Fence Supermarket FAQ’s

    Here at Fence Supermarket we have an extensive range of fence panels to choose from. We know that choosing the right fence panels for your garden can be difficult so we’ve put together this FAQ to help you navigate our range. Garden fencing is very important not only to create a boundary between your homes... Read more

  • Powapost Tutorial Image
    23 April 2014

    How to Use Powapost Fence Accessories…

    Here at Fencing Supermarket we carry a range of Powapost accessories which are designed to make the installation of your fence quick and simple. Powapost accessories allow you to install fencing yourself on a range of different surfaces which means you can design the fencing in your garden to suit you. Powapost Drive-In Spike The... Read more

  • Install Trellis Fencing Logo
    23 April 2014

    A Quick Guide to Installing Trellis Fencing

    Trellis fencing is one of the UK’s most popular styles of decorative fencing but it also has many practical uses. It acts as a great framework for climbing plants such as Ivy or Honeysuckle. Trellis fencing also acts as a great natural division in a garden. Once plants have established on a trellis panel it... Read more

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    23 April 2014

    The Benefits of Growing Vertically…

    Trellis fencing is very popular due to its decorative design, but also because of its other practical uses. Growing plants vertically on trellis fencing not only looks attractive but is also very good for plants. When plants are grown horizontally (or on the ground) they are exposed to damage. Soil often gets kicked up around... Read more