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Here at Fence Supermarket we aim to provide high quality products and great customer service. Our customer service team is very experienced and can give you advice on measuring, purchasing and installing your garden fencing.

How will my new fence panels be delivered?

All our fencing is delivered in assembled panels. This makes it easier to install fencing.

Is the timber used in your fence panels sustainable?

Yes. Here at Fence Supermarket we are product to source all our timber from sustainable forests. Fence Supermarket fully supports the Forest Stewardship Council.

How can I maintain my new fence panels?

Fence panels need to be treated with a Timber Treatment after installation. Your garden fencing will then need to be painted annually with a timber treatment throughout its lifetime. This will help protect fence panels from timber rot and water damage.

What is the different between Pressure Treated Fencing and Dip Treated Fencing?

Pressure treated fence panels are made from pressure treated timber. Timber is placed into a large vacuum. While inside the vacuum high quantities of quality timber preservatives are forced deep into the woods grain. This helps protect the timber against wood rot and timber treatment. Pressure treated timber does not have to be painted or treated.

Dip treated fencing has been made from timber and then coated in a water based timber treatment so it is protected while in storage or in transit. Dip treated fencing should be treated with a timber treatment paint after being installed. 

I think I may be missing a part from my order; who do I contact?

Our experienced Customer Service Team are always here to help. Contact the team on 0844 8475 110 or send an e-mail to Our team will assess whether in fact any parts are missing or whether this may just be a misinterpretation of parts received. In the event a part/s are missing the team will process an urgent order for you and will get it delivered to you as soon as possible. (Variations do apply, and in the event of any delays we cannot be held liable.)

Do I need planning permission for my new fence panels? 

Your new garden fencing does not need planning permission if it is under 2 metres high. If you live in a conservation area or near a busy road other rules do apply. Always contact your Local Council Planning Office if you are unsure.