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Fence Panel Advice

Turning your garden into an area you can enjoy does not have to cost great amounts of money or time! A garden is somewhere to enjoy and by adding simple features like fencing and plants you can really make it your own.

Here at Fence Supermarket we stock an extensive range of fence panels. Fence panels aren’t just for securing you garden they can also be used to add style to your home! We sell fence panels in many different heights so you can choose the most suitable for your home.

Pressure treated or dip treated?

Pressure treated fence panels are more expensive than dip treated panels but they have been specially treated so they can save you money in the future! First the timber is placed in a vacuum. While in the vacuum high quality preservatives are forced deep into the grain of the wood. This is only possible while the timber is in a vacuum. These preservatives help protect the timber against rot and wet weather. Pressure treated fence panels do not need to be painted every year with timber treatment because it is already protected. This will save you time and money in the future.  

Dip treated fence panels have not be treated in the same way making them inexpensive to buy! These fence panels have been placed in a large vat of water based timber treatment after construction. This helps protect the wood while the panels are in storage and transit. Dip treated panels need to be treated once they are installed so they are protected against wood rot.

How tall should my fence panels be?

Choosing the right size fence panels is important. The height of your panels is completely a personal choice. We recommend that you choose a 5ft or 6ft panel for your back garden. A 6ft fence panel provides great security and will help keep your garden out of sight. For a front garden we suggest choosing a fence panel which is 3ft or 4ft high. This will provide a good border but will also let people see your home and making it welcoming!

How can I use Trellis Fence Panels?

Trellis fence panels are perfect if you want to add a decorative feature to your home or garden. Trellis fence panels are different to normal fence panels; they have an open design with lattice style wood pattern. These open panels would not be suitable for security but are perfect for decorative uses. Trellis panels can be used to line a vegetable patch, used to grow vertical climbing plants or they can be attached to a wall to grow ivy!

If you need any help developing your garden fencing ideas please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team are here to help with practical advice and on hand guidance. They can help you measure your garden and pick the right panels! Email our team at or call 0844 8475 110.